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FAQ's & Prices

Senior Instructor (Claire) & (Kezia)


Pole Dancing:

Aerial Silks & Hoop:


Junior Instructor (Amy) (Becky) & (Sarah)


Pole Dancing:

Aerial Hoop:




What Should I Wear?

Pole: For the first 5/6 sessions you can wear either leggings or jogging bottoms and a vest or t shirt, then we work bare foot, at around lesson 6 we advise that you wear shorts or have them with you as we require grip on the leg area. (your instructor will advise when this is required).

Silks and Hoop: It is best to wear leggings and bare feet for these, then ensure you have warm upper body layers in the winter months as the studio can get cold.

Do I Need To Be Strong & Fit Before I Start?

You do not need to be of a certain fitness level to start, in fact around 70% or our beginners do not exercise before coming to us. We consider it our job to help you to become strong, fit and achieve your goals so let us help you begin your fitness jorney. 

Is There A Weight / Size Limt?

There is no weight or size limit, we will ensure the lessons are tailored to suit your needs, however if you have any doubts about your size or weight, or you have injurys or medical conditions that you think may affect your ability to take part, please contact me (Claire) to discuss and I can advise you from there.

Do I Need Experience?

You do not need to have any pole or aerial experience, we will teach you from a total beginner with all the strength and skill built up steadily and safely all the way.

What If I Have No Confidence?

Pole and aerial fitness classes are great for building confidence, all you have to do is pluck up the courage to come and meet our fantastic instructors and like minded class mates and we will take care of the rest, ensuring you reach goals you never imagined possible whilst having fun along the way.

Can I Come To A Group By My Self?

Yes you can come by yourself to a group lesson.

Whats The Address?

The address is on our contact us page

Do I Need To Book? And How Do I Book?

Yes you will need to book a place on all sessions, you can do this by email from our contact us page or text or call on 07725 188378 or call on 01922 417655.

How Many People Per Pole/Class?

There will always be 1 person per pole and no more than 10 to a class.